Gov. Lee debunks Top 5 Covid conspiracies now in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Gov. Bill Lee has been attacked on both sides of the Covid issue.. from those who say he is hurting the Covid fight to those who hold him responsible for lockdowns and mandates.

But by the end of the week, he is trying to deal with Covid misinformation on social media.

After tweeting about some innocuous Covid actions he took this week, he is now shooting down the theories people have been posting about them.

His actions:

— An executive order loosening restrictions on hospitals so they can better handle the rush of Covid cases, like they did last winter.

— An executive order allowing the National Guard to continue assisting health departments in vaccination and testing drives.

— He was asked in a press conference in Nashville, why Tennessee gives incentives to farmers to have their cattle vaccined (for other things) but will not give people incentives to get the Covid vaccine for themselves.  He is resisting incentives for Covid vaccines.

But each of those actions seem to have spun their own false stories on social media from National Guard roundups to using cattle beef to get the vaccine into our systems.

Here are the Top 5 conspiracies the Governor’s Office named in the letter to lawmakers (the EO is executive order):

The Governor is asking lawmakers to pass the facts along to their constituents.

And while some conservatives have attacked the Governor’s Covid actions over the last year, on Friday former President Trump gave is “Complete and Total Endorsement!” for Lee’s re-election next year.

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