Gov. Lee pardons four people in our area

All were already out of prison, cited for turning their lives around. Read the proclamations

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Tennessee’s Governor extends a Christmas tradition by offering clemency to 16 people across the state, including four from our area.

The Governor has the power to pardon or end sentences for prisoners, in consultation with the state parole board.

“After thoroughly reviewing the merits of each case, I have decided to grant 16 individuals executive clemency,” said Gov. Bill Lee.

“Each individual case is unique and warranted consideration, and I thank the Board of Parole members for their thoughtful recommendations throughout this process.”

The proclamations for all four people in our area make a point that they have demonstrated that they have changed their lives since committing their crimes.

Here are the four actions for southeast Tennessee.

Pardon: Jacqueline Clements

She has served her time for prescription fraud in Hamilton County. “She willingly cooperated with law enforcement and disassociated herself from bad influences.”


Pardon: Tara Duncan-Rodriguez

She has served her time for domestic assault in 2013 in Hamilton County. “She has attained a degree in psychology and is a certified peer recovery specialist… speaking to victims of domestic violence.”


Pardon: Aaron Dewayne Vaught

Vaught has completed his sentence for a marijuana for resell conviction in Bradley County in 2013. “Mr. Vaught has transformed his life by overcoming addiction and finding religion.”


Commutation: William Mee 

William Mee has been on parole for years for a murder in Meigs County in 1981. The 78 year old has been living back in the community without incident since 2004. “Friends and family testified to the transformation they have seen in Mr. Mee, including his contributions to the community by mentoring young people.” His parole has been commuted to time served.






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