Governor Bill Lee speaks on masks and vaccine during Meigs County visit

MEIGS COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF)– Governor Bill Lee didn’t want to speak much about a Tennessee judge blocking his order allowing students to opt-out of mask mandates due to it being an ongoing legal issue.

That particular case is currently ongoing, so I really can’t comment on current litigation but we’re hopeful that all the counties will follow the law as it’s designed.

Lee has repeatedly said no one cares more about a child’s health than a parent and that’s why the parent should choose if a mask should be worn by children.

I think the best way forward is for parents to send their kids to school with a mask if they believe that’s the best or without if that’s their option.

Covid-19 vaccine rates are going up in Tennessee but still trail below they level medical experts say they need to be.

What were saying is as the Delta variant we were state it in itself is encouraging Tennesseans to get vaccinated. Our vaccination rates are increasing we had about 150,000 last week they chose to get a vaccine. That’s a 200% increase over some seven weeks ago.

One of the reasons for governor Lee stopping is Mikes county wants to see the ongoing construction for a local historic theater.

This investment here and what will be tourism for this community is incredibly important.

The Governor also congratulated Meigs residents for having the highest percentage vaccination rate in the state of Tennessee.

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