Governor Bill Lee visits teen job training program at Gestamp

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee thinks a local program could be a key to training the future work force, while giving students jobs right out of high school.

The Governor visited Gestamp in Chattanooga today to check out a program that could be used all over the the state.

Ashley Henderson has the story.

Gestamp, the Volkswagen supplier, and 12 Hamilton County high schools have entered into a partnership to train juniors and seniors to become qualified machinists. When they walk across the stage with their high school diploma, they can walk right in the door to a good paying job at Gestamp.

GOV. BILL LEE (R) TN.: “I have a particular interest in programs that are engaging kids in high school with industry, so that they can develop career paths and the program here is unique, and innovative and so we came here to see this program, and to talk about how we need to duplicate that all over the state.”

State Commissioner of workforce development Dr. Jeff McCord, says this is the template other industries should be trying to replicate.

DR. JEFF McCORD – COMMISSIONER TN DEPT LABOR & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT : “Basically, industry taking responsibility for that workforce, and looking for partners and the wringing the hand stops and you just start getting down and finding out who you need to solve the problem, and that’s Chattanooga.”

The governor took a brief tour of the plant, before sitting down for a roundtable with government, community and business leaders.

GOV. LEE: “It’s a perfect example to me of what we need to, of not only a great job producing Tennessee based company, but one that is partnering in the ways that we need partnering done to develop workforce in the future.”

“This job opportunity helped me to try to get into Chatt. State, with mechatronics and get my maintenance degree, and further myself.”

In Chattanooga, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.

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