Gov. orders residents to stay at home because we’re getting out again

NASHVILLE (WDEF) –  Governor Bill Lee has issued a Safer At Home order requiring Tennesseans to stay home unless they are going to an essential workplace or getting supplies.

He says he is toughening the order because Tennesseans officials have noted that people are leaving their homes more this week.

The state has been tracking vehicle movement through TDOT and cellphone movement through GPS technology.

Traffic dropped sharply from March 13-29th. But on March 30th, it began trending up again and has continued all week.

The Governor says he is thankful for everyone who is heeding the call to stay at home.

But he says many are clearly now either ignoring it or tiring of it.

“We need all Tennesseans who can to stay at home.”

“That said, over the last 2 or 3 days, we’ve seen some troubling data points that tell us that some in our state may not be staying in place as much as we would hope. While many Tennesseans have made good faith efforts to remain at home, there is clear evidence that some citizens are beginning to disregard Safer at Home measures.  It’s dangerous, it’s unacceptable and it’s a threat to lives in our community.  For that reason, today, I went a step further to my Safer at Home executive order and have said that Tennesseans must remain at home unless they are engaging in essential activity. ”

Governor Lee says his administration will continue to communicate with law enforcement on enforcing his order as the situation warrants.

So there is no clear guideline now on the penalties.

Tennessee is using a model that shows the virus peaking in three weeks in the state.

“April stands to be a very tough month for our state.”

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