Governor Says “Guns in Parks” Bill Will Be Evaluated

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Tennessee governor Bill Haslam says the state’s new "guns in parks" law could be changed, depending on how it’s received.
The governor spoke at Tuesday morning’s Prayer Breakfast, which attracted 17-hundred people to the convention center.
He held a quick news conference afterward and defended Tennessee’s controversial "guns in parks" law, recently passed by the general assembly.
"The bill just passed a week ago. So it really hasn’t had a chance to be implemented. What I expressed the legislature was a concern…let’s follow it this year and see how the implementation works..and let’s stay in touch with the local governments to see what kind of issues, if any, are created and then if so…we’ll be prepared to address those next year."

The governor added he was impressed that Chattanooga can turn out 17-hundred people for an early morning event like the prayer breakfast.

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