Governor signs gym tax cut on Tax Day

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Governor Bill Lee said Federal Tax Day is a great time to sign a bill that would cut taxes in Tennessee.

On April 15th, the Governor signed the bill repealing the state’s amusement tax on gym memberships.

“There is a side benefit to this particular tax cut. It’s small businesses that are encouraging healthier living in this state.”

Of course, gym companies applauded the action.

CrossFit, Inc. issued this statement today.

“We thank Governor Lee and the General Assembly for coming together to do away with a ridiculous law that penalized people for taking charge of their health.”

“Tennessee’s 150 CrossFit affiliates are locally-owned and -operated small businesses that make their communities healthier every day.”

“They had to pay the amusement tax, but large-scale commercial gyms didn’t.”

“These commercial gyms sign members up for long-term contracts, hoping they never return, whereas CrossFit affiliates base their businesses off of members who regularly show up, work out, and transform their lives. Why would any government burden them with yet another tax?”

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