Governor unapologetic for saying Alabama’s schools ‘suck’

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley isn’t budging on saying his state’s educational system ‘sucks.’

Spokeswoman Yasamie August said Thursday that the governor isn’t apologizing for using that blunt language when he addressed a group in Montgomery.

August says Bentley is aware of mounting criticism over the remarks. She says he plans to release a video statement later expanding on his position on schools.

Educators and legislators have reacted strongly to Bentley’s remarks, calling them disappointing and dispiriting.

The governor’s statement was captured on video as he spoke to the Alabama Association of Regional Councils this week. Some in the crowd laughed, and others applauded after he said: “Our education system in this state sucks.”

Bentley went on to call the situation intolerable, and he vowed to make improvements.

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