Governor Visits Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WDEF) — Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is making his appearances throughout the state, taking time on Thursday to visit the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in Spring Hill.

His first time at the plant became less of a photo opportunity and more of a State of the State address.

While the governor was able to see all the services Watts Bar provides, he did address other things on the minds of Tennesseans.

The first issue was the fact that the military wants Watts Bar to increase its production of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that could make an atomic bomb into a more explosive hydrogen bomb.

Critics say the increased production violates international nuclear arms agreements. The governor sided with the military.

“I think the role of Watts Bar, particularly in national security, has to do with our ability to generate within this country the power necessary for this country,” Governor Lee said.

Lee was then asked about a letter he wrote, along with other governors, to the president about how Tennessee would use money coming from the new infrastructure bill.

“I actually spoke with the Biden Administration yesterday, and their director of that infrastructure bill, and we talked about that letter, but we also talked about the desire for our state to work together with the administration, with the Biden Administration to execute on that infrastructure bill in our state,” he said.

Lastly, Lee addressed Hamilton County’s struggle to hire more teachers amid the shortage during the pandemic.

Specifically, that a school board member recently became a substitute teacher to help ease the burden.

Lee spoke more about doing what he can to keep schools open, because in-person learning is best.

“Some of them are closing and using those days that they have stored up, as they should,” Lee said. “School districts, in fact, can apply for those waivers, as they have been able to in the past, to keep classrooms or sections of their schools closed, so we’ve got to work together. We got to work together to keep our kids in school, but to keep them safe at the same time.”


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