Grace Baptist Academy leaders look at ways to move forward after tornado rips through

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – On Tuesday, Grace Baptist Academy leaders were on campus assessing buildings after a tornado swept through the area.

“We definitely have structures that are just not going to be able to be used, so to speak,” Grace Baptist Church Sr. Pastor Adam Love said.

School buildings were left damaged, and debris was scattered all over.

An elementary school sign was found near a home, hundreds of yards away.

Athletic benches and equipment had been tossed around while partially collapsed buildings exposed rooms once inside.

“It was kind of mind blowing a little bit. Breath taking in a lot of ways, the destruction,” Love said.

Among the damaged buildings on campus, the Grace Baptist Church steeple was still standing.

“To come and walk up here and to realize that part was still standing up there, it’s kind of an amazing thing,” Love said.

Love said that for the over 400 students, they’ll likely be able to finish out the school year.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been having classes and holding church online.

But, now, they’re envisioning what the next school year will be like.

“Kind of evaluating whether we get temporary buildings or if we’ll be able to salvage some of the structures that we have currently,” Love said.

He said that they’re exploring options on how to move forward, then they will come up with a timeline on how to get there.

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