Graham says Mueller can testify about his conversation with Barr

Critics accuse Barr of protecting Trump

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham offered special counsel Robert Mueller the opportunity to testify before the committee about the phone conversation he had with Attorney General William Barr regarding Barr’s initial letter about the findings of the special counsel.

On the night before Barr testified before the Senate panel, news outlets reported that Mueller had written to Barr to say that he thought that Barr’s letter of March 24 didn’t “fully capture the context, nature and substance” of the special counsel’s investigation.

Barr told the committee earlier this week that he called Mueller after receiving the letter and asked him whether he thought letter had been inaccurate. He said Mueller had told him that his letter had not been misleading — rather, that he thought the press reporting about the letter had been inaccurate.

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However, Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal pointed out that Mueller did not mention the press in his March 27 letter. Barr called the letter “a bit snitty,” and said he thought it was “probably written by one of his staff members.”

In his letter to Mueller, Graham wrote, “Please inform the Committee if you would like to provide testimony regarding any misrepresentation by the Attorney General of the substance of that phone call.”

Alan He contributed to this report.

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