Grayson’s Ladder Hosts ‘Golf Fore Grayson’ Event at The Ooltewah Club

Many gathered in Ooltewah this morning to help raise funds in the fight against Alexander’s disease. The first annual ‘Golf Fore Grayson’ event took place at The Ooltewah Club today.
The money raised will go to help Grayson Ledbetter and other patients and families who are fighting this form of leukodystrophy.

Alexander’s disease is a rare regressive brain disease….Grayson is one of 100 people across the world who are battling this condition. His mother Laura has started a non profit organization called Grayson’s Ladder.

“We have friends and family and business owners here in Chattanooga, and actually plenty of people have come in out of town, from California and North Carolina and Colorado, and just here to help us raise money and raise awareness for Grayson’s Ladder,” says Laura Ledbetter.

If you would like some more information on Grayson’s Ladder and how you can help in the fight against Alexander’s disease, go here.

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