Graysville Police Chief Reinstated

        Graysville Chief Jason Erik Redden was reinstated at Thursday night’s special called board meeting in a three to two vote.
        A TBI investigation last year accused Redden of stealing department seized vehicles. The investigation also revealed $4,128 in missing seized money.
H        is court date is coming up in August.
        The Mayor and Commissioner Charles Kaylor were against the reinstatement.
        Kaylor says one Commissioner’s vote was a conflict of interest.
        "I protested Mr. Beene’s vote because he rents…the Chief rents from Mr. Beene.  He don’t care.  He voted anyway. According to ethics law that’s not right," Kaylor said.
        Beene told us that his vote didn’t break any codes.
        He says he motioned for the reinstatement because he believes the Chief is innocent of all charges.
        Chief Redden says he’s been advised by his attorney not to comment.
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