Group concerned some veterans could lose healthcare

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Ahead of this Memorial Day Weekend, some people are worried veterans might lose their healthcare.

“Nationwide, one out of ten vets gets some kind of coverage under Medicaid and in Tennessee that is 43,000 and the budget looks like it is really going to damage Medicaid. We’ve got to be looking for ways for vets to access Medicaid more easily. Not take those kind of benefits away,” said Jack Strickland, a veteran.

On Friday, Strickland and others stood outside of the federal courthouse in Chattanooga with different signs, one saying healthcare for heroes. They are afraid the proposed healthcare bill will cause veterans covered by the Medicaid expansion to lose their coverage.

“The ACA was a great leap forward. There are things wrong with it. But when you have a car that has a flat tire. You don’t park and get a new car you replace the tires,” Strickland said.

Dr. Brent Morris is a retired pediatrician. He practiced in the community for 35 years

“The reason I am a doctor is I am very committed to the health and well being and life of my community,” Dr. Morris said.

He believes everyone has the right to affordable healthcare.

“We know that under the ACA 20 million more people got healthcare coverage. That is really great. That is not enough. It needs to be everybody. But it made a huge difference,” Dr. Morris said.

He does acknowledge there were some problems with the Affordable Care Act.

“Those problems are relatively easily addressed and so that we could have a much improved healthcare system. Instead, the healthcare business has gotten to be a political football,” Dr. Morris said.

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