Grundy County High School participates in Active Shooter training

GRUNDY COUNTY (WDEF) – No one wants to see an “active-shooter” incident at a school but it could happen–as we’ve seen in other communities.

Grundy county First Responders know that a well thought-out plan of action is a necessity, and that it doesn’t happen automatically.

Grundy county high school was the scene of an exercise Friday morning with roll-players and law enforcement doing their part.

Sheriff Clint Shrum says the event took several months to plan.

“We try to do these scenarios all the time, try to keep in your mind, you try to keep your guys abreast of , hey if you get a call at the high school or one of these elementary schools what is it that you’re going to do if you have to respond?” Shrum said.

“We’ve been able to talk about it on paper, on in table-top…but this is the time that we put together our plan and say, let’s see how it’s going to work.”

The sheriff says all agencies worked together well, but he found out that communication is something they will have to work on.

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