Grundy County Sheriff says Adam Braseel should be granted new trial

GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Grundy County Sheriff says a man convicted of a 2006 murder deserves a new trial.

Christina Braseel proudly wears a shirt supporting her brother, Adam. He was convicted and sentenced to life in the 2006 murder of Malcolm Burrows in Grundy County. She says her brother did not commit this crime.

“A lot of people in the beginning thought just because I was his sister that I was just saying that he was innocent. You have to realize, I spent 12 years of my life and I devoted it to proving that my brother was innocent. So I have studied this up and down for 12 years,” Christina Braseel said.

A judge threw out Adam Braseel’s convictions and granted a new trial in December of 2015. He was released in January of 2016, but he was sent back to prison in October of that year, after it wasn’t upheld in a higher court.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum, who was not sheriff when the murder happened, released a statement saying he thinks there should be a new trial. He cited new evidence, including someone else’s finger prints at the scene, as one of the reasons.

“I know he wants to do the right thing. And now it is his time. He is helping and supporting Adam. This is going to help Judge Angel as well and I am very very proud of our sheriff right now for trying to do the right thing,” Christina Braseel said.

Christina Braseel is hopeful and thankful for all of the support from the community.

“I can never say enough. Because the last two years I have been down because of all of this. But they picked me up and I think it is showing that there are so many more wrongfully convicted people out there,” Christina Braseel said.

Adam Braseel’s hearing about whether he will be granted a new trial will be in June.

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