Grundy POW Celebrated

Students at Tracy City Elementary, along with WDEF News 12’s Chip Chapman, helped celebrate the life and service of POW Glen Shoenmann Tuesday.

Chip said, "PFC Shoemann himself, he made the ultimate sacrifice, but his family made a tremendous sacrifice as well. "

62 years after Shoenmann was MIA in the Korean War, it was a tearful occasion for Glenn’s brother Raymond, and his sister Edna Kilgore.

"Mom and Dad would’ve been so, so happy," says Edna.

Their parents of course, never knew what happened to their son.

But Edna and Raymond agree Glenn, and their parents, would feel honored by the warm welcome back home.

Raymond says "He would have been so honored and pleased because he was just that type of person. He always thought of the other person before he did himself.">

And for the students of Tracy City Elementary, Program Coordinator Kim Nunley says, it’s a close encounter with their own history.

Even though they didn’t know PFC Shoenmann of course, Nunley says they can identify with his brother and sister.

"That made them have a connection. What if it was my brother? What if it was my sister? That made them connect better," says Nunley.

And as Chip Chapman, pointed out, Shoenmann wasn’t just lost to his own family.

"Grundy County lost a favorite son."

That’s why 62 years after a 19 year old young man went off to war, students and teachers pay tribute to his life, and honor his death, uniting not just as residents of Grundy County, but as Americans.

In Tracy City, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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