Guilty suspect in 2015 jogger hit and run death gets year in jail

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Valerie Bray will be going to jail for a year. She’s the suspect who pleaded guilty to the hit and run death of a jogger in 2015.

A criminal court judge handed down the sentence this afternoon.

It was the 3rd sentencing hearing that Criminal court judge Tom Greenholtz held since Valeria Bray pleaded guilty in December to the hit and run death of well-known jogger Cameron Bean. That happened on Sept. 19, 2015 on Moccasin Bend. He died two days later.

The judge heard from a department of corrections investigator that Ms. Bray was not a high risk of re-offending. But, before pronouncing sentence he said there were no grounds to excuse her conduct .

“The statement that the sun was in your eyes , the court believes was an effort to distance yourself from the harm that you had caused.” said Judge Tom Greenholtz.

There were other mitigating factors in that case, but they were off-set by evidence that Valerie Bray was indeed guilty of criminally negligent homicide and leaving the scene of an accident.

Judge Greenholtz continued “So the court persuant to Tennessee annotated 40-35-306 is going to impose a sentence of split confinement. the court hereby orders that you will be confined for a period of one year at a workhouse…to be followed by a term of probation for 3 years.”

The district attorney’s office was pleased with the decision.

“It’s a very difficult case. Uh, in a case where any ruling would be hard for the court to make. I am very pleased that Judge Greenholtz understood the proof that was presented–understood the seriousness of the offense…and sentenced Ms. Bray in the manner that he did.” said Lance Pope, Assistant District Attorney.

Cameron’s mother, Lisa Bean said “It’s sad for her family, they still have each other. She still has her life. We will never be the same. Cameron lost his life at 28 years old ..he would have loved to have lived a long life.”

Valerie Bray will serve one year in Silverdale followed by the three years of probation.

Although she will serve only a year in jail, Ms. Bray was actually sentenced to 2 years for criminally negligent homicide, and 2 years for leaving the scene of the accident.

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