Gunshot Victim Gets to Keep Home

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – LeKeshia Matthews, Keoshia’s Mother, says,"I prayed and I prayed and one day I went to the mailbox and seen the letter."

It doesn’t look like much …a short letter on regular white paper, but it’s the message that made Matthews breathe a sigh of relief

Her family can now continue living in a modest apartment owned by the Chattanooga Housing Authority.

Matthews says, "Oh, it’s a big relief."

Last month Matthews contacted us, saying the CHA was going to evict them before Thanksgiving due to under reported income.

But Matthews says she reported everything, even the social security check her disabled daughter gets on a monthly basis.

Matthews adds, "I prayed to God and was like, we came this far, don’t give up on us."

Her daughter, Keoshia, has come a long way after being shot in the head and confined to a hospital bed.

She may not be able to walk or talk for the rest of her life, but she sure has made an impact on the Chattanooga community.

Matthews says, "We’ll get through it."

When Matthews initially came to us after the eviction notice, we contacted CHA.

They told us they can set up payment plans for those whose balance was under $2,000.

Well, Matthews’ bill was more than $8,000.

So, we contacted a city leader who put Matthews in touch with a local lawyer and the Tennessee Human Rights Commission.

Days later, CHA agreed to put Matthews on a payment plan.

Matthews says, "I think that’s a big help for me.

It’s yet another example of how the community supports this little brown-eyed girl and her family.

The Chattanooga Housing Authority could not comment on Matthews’ specific case, but did say they were pleased that this situation has been addressed with an outcome that works for everyone.

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