Gymnasts Jaquie Tun and Macey Roberts Set to Sign D-One Scholarships

Ooltewah, TN (WDEF) It’s pretty rare for a gymnast from Chattanooga to sign a Division One scholarship.

But next month, we’ve got two local gymnasts signing D-One college papers.
Jaquie Tun of Chattanooga Christian is going to West Virginia.
And Macey Roberts of Ooltewah is going to Maryland.
The duo also happen to train together.
   Emily Byrd is the team director for the Gymanstics Center of Chattanooga.
And she said Jaquie Tun and Macey Roberts both stood out at an early age.
"Macey Roberts. Even at six, she was the kid in the gym that could do 20 pull-ups. She could climb the rope to the top of the ceiling. Jaquie Tun. She was always the super graceful gymnast. Could make the real pretty lines. She’s super flexible."
   Byrd says Tun and Roberts both have a true love for gymnastics, which you need to reach an elite level.
"Gymnastics is a year-round sport. Both of these kiddos practice five days a week. Four hours each day."
   And to be able to train with another talented gymnast has been a huge benefit for Tun and Roberts.
Said Tun,"I was one level below Macey at first. I always looked up to her. She has been my role model for a long time."
Said Roberts,"She’s just an amazing gymnast. She’s always pushing everyone along. She’s really energetic and fun to be around. I just love having her as a teammate."
   Tun and Roberts have been teammates forever, but now they could face off against each other in college.
Laughs Tun,"That will be interesting. Competing against a teammate that I have been with for so long. It will be interesting."
Added Roberts,"I think it will be weird and fun at the same time because we are like sisters. We have always competed together. To be on two different teams is going to be so weird."
Reporter-"Will there be a big party for them when they sign?"
Said Byrd,"Oh yeah. When we get those letters of intent and the signing papers, we’ll have a big party. It’s really good for the younger kids to see that there is something at the end for their hard work."
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