Hamilton Co. Commissioners Deny 20 Million Dollar Resolution

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- “We’re talking about giving this contract to a company that has never done institutional work, has never had a contract completed over 3 million dollars and their average job was 1.4 million over five years” said Commissioner Tim Boyd.

Boyd and other Hamilton County Commissioners denied Sheriff Jim Hammond’s proposal to renovate Silverdale detention center.

The proposal would have granted K.M.T. Builders 20 million dollars to expand Silverdale.

Commissioner Dr. Warren Mackey tells News 12 that there there should be a checks and balance system involved during the construction process, “You have to have an independent outside agency who have the expertise in this kind of building.”

Sheriff Hammond points out there are actually many steps before the Hamilton County Commission votes, “You already have consultants. You have a county engineer, you have a finance department, you have the very people to tell you whether or not who you’re going to vote on can do the job.”

“The Sheriff and his staff and the engineers, They’re all good and fine but keep in mind when the present jail downtown was built -almost day one it was realized that it wasn’t built properly” said Commissioner Mackey.

Sheriff Hammond says denying further resolutions can cause a delay part in the transition process to the new facility.

“Not necessarily by the last day this year when we take over but as we move towards me trying to consolidate the old jail and the new jail and save tax payer money that way” said Sheriff Hammond.

K.M.T. Builders did not have the opportunity to address the County Commission according to Sheriff Hammond.

Sheriff Hammond plans to present a similar resolution to Hamilton County Commissioners. If once again denied without K.T.M. Builders addressing their case and another company is select, K.T.M. can pursue legal action.

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