Hamilton Co. officials talk school safety

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Many of those same leaders took part in what was called a School Safety and Security Analysis meeting at the Westin Hotel.

A nationally recognized expert on school safety says Hamilton County is already a leader in the country, by using best practices for keeping students safe at School in the event of an attack.

That came as a group of law enforcement agencies, elected officials, students and school leaders gathered at the downtown Westin Hotel.

Michael Yorio with, SSI Guardian, says “Collaboration is key to an effective security initiative. So law enforcement needs to communicate with schools, with organization, with government, etc. So that collaboration is really at the cornerstone of a best practice.”

The event was hosted by Sheriff Jim Hammond, who’s been advocating more funding SRO’s for every school.

” This morning’s all about ideas, hearing from some national experts, and once we finish all these discussions I think that will probably evolve into a comprehensive plan.”

School Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson says the entire community is committed to doing whatever it takes to keep students safe.

“What you see today from the multitude of individuals that are here, from law enforcement, to mental health, to students, to obviously school district officials, our mayor, what you see is that everybody’s vested in ensuring the students are safe, and that’s just a commitment that we all want to make and continue to make going forward.”

Several students were also present to hear the ideas on school safely presented.

Central High Junior Jake Johns says “Since the Parkland shooting happened, our principal has enforced random lockdown drills that make sure that our procedures are top notch and that we’re the safest we can be inside of our school.”

Yorio spent some time showing new locks and safety devices that some school districts are now utilizing as part of their programs.

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