Hamilton Co Sheriff’s Department Welcomes “Tynne” The Tracker Dog

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department has a new member, and like all officers there, she has a badge..and special training.

Tynne, the tracker dog was introduced to the staff and the public at the sheriff’s department west-side substation.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond explained, “Folks don’t realize it.. When we have our dogs, they become members of the department. They have their own I.D. numbers, their own badge numbers, and we treat them like a member of the team… because of the aid and assistance they give us. ”

One difference is that Tynne also has her own passport. She is from a long line of animals trained for tracking in Hanover, Germany.

“As we get more and more involved in the need for tracking dogs …specialized dogs… you’re going to find us adding these kind of dogs to our employee list. We welcome her as a full-fledged member on the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office employees list,” said Hammond.

Tynne will live with her handler, Sgt. Mark Williams.

Williams discussed that the biggest thing to remember is that she is a working dog, not a pet.

“These dogs have a special bond with their handlers and we therefore want to treat them as they are members of the team.” stated Sheriff Hammond.

Tynne, who’s been training in South Carolina, since arriving from Europe, is now getting adjusted to her new surroundings.

Sgt Mark Williams said, “Eighteen feet above sea level is a bunch of water and a swamp. So, bringing her back up here has been kind of a transition from what she was used to down there versus up here where we’ve got our woods and mountains and so forth like.”

The sheriff’s department now has four specially trained K-9 officers.

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