Some Educators Want the Vaccine Now

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- “It was like a stab in the back yesterday when Nashville decided that they were going to give their vaccines to their teachers and we still haven’t started that” said one Hamilton County teacher.

Some Hamilton County educators are losing their patience wondering when they can receive a covid shot.

“When one student or one teacher gets a positive coronavirus test that can affect a whole classroom o half of a classroom or even more than one classroom at a time” said Hamilton County teacher Aaron Fowles.

“We have a lot of children in our classroom and it is impossible to keep them six feet apart” said a teacher who wished not to reveal her identity.

The school district reportedly has a plan in place to administer the vaccine to the entire staff but with low supply and the inability to transition phases, that an is put on hold.

“What we’re supporting and what they want is anyone who has come into contact with children in the school to have access to the vaccine if they choose” said President of the Hamilton County Education Association Jeneatte Omarkhail.

One Hamilton County teacher said getting a shot could be a matter of life or death, “I am personally high risk myself. My doctor asked me yesterday if there was anything he could do to see if I could go ahead and see if I could get a vaccine.”

The health department told News 12 that population and supply are two major factors as to why the county has not transitioned vaccine access to phase 1-B. The category for all of our educators.

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