Hamilton County art teacher Betsy McClain wins Golden Apple Award

Every child can’t excel in reading, writing, and arithmetic… But most can excel at something.

At Signal Mountain Middle High… There’s an art teacher who’s helping her kids find hidden talent…

Betsy McClain is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

This classroom of budding Picasso’s is under the careful guidance of Ms. Betsy McClain.

The teacher fell in love with art early and says guiding children to find their inner artist is her calling, "I like to create. I like to see kids create…"

Tuesday these kids worked on their Art History final project…

But lessons in Ms. McClain’s class range from photography to sculpture.

The 12 year veteran teacher says everyone needs some knowledge of art and sometime the best way to learn is to dive right in, "Kids learn more by getting involved and getting their fingers dirty."

And that hands on approach is working…

Jackson Green reads from his Golden Apple Award nomination, "When my work looked terrible and I couldn’t get the hang of something she would always help me and guide me through."

Jackson was in Ms. McClain’s class last year, he says the teacher made him feel talented.

The 7th grader has a lot of energy and he says Ms. McClain’s art class gave him a positive outlet, "After I’d have a really hard class or something I’d come in her class and do what I liked to do and it’d be fun."

Jackson says Ms. McClain’s class made him want to come to school.

He loves art and he says without, the 6th grade would have been a lot harder, "People don’t think that art is important in school, but to a kid like me it’s everything."

That’s the kind of love for art McClain hopes to inspire in all her kids.

Her students have had art work on display at the Hunter Art Museum & the Creative Discovery Museum.

She says watching her kids create beautiful work is a dream come true, "A lot of kids that aren’t the mathematicians or the scientists might excel in the arts."

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