Hamilton County Board of Education votes on resolution regarding possible Signal Mountain separation

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Hamilton County Board of Education made a move on the possible creation of a Signal Mountain school system during their regular meeting Thursday night.

The school board passed a resolution to take a stance on the possible separation and the issue surrounding three Hamilton County buildings where students living in Signal Mountain go to school.

Board members talked about the resolution during their work session.

“I would like to have the support of the board in moving forward with this and letting them know that we have no intentions is selling the schools,” District 2 School Board Member Kathy Lennon said.

The board voted seven to one.

District 8 School Board Member David Testerman was the only one to vote against it.

“I think we need to stay out of it right now until they vote on it and they have a referendum and then we’ll give them all the information we feel that’s necessary,” Testerman said.

Also at the meeting the school board got a quarterly report on confirmed bullying incidents.

STARS director Karen Glenn said numbers from last year compared to the previous year show a 33 percent reduction in incidents.

So far this school year there has been 44.

“44 is too many I will say that.  In comparison to where we have been before we’re making progress in moving in the right direction.  It’s important to notice that bullying issues originate from societal norms that come to school,” Glenn said.

The board unanimously passed a bullying and harassment policy change.

The change includes that within 48 hours an investigation will be initiated from the time a report was made and within 20 days it should be resolved and a safety plan should be in place for confirmed incidents.

“That went into effect by the Tennessee Department of Education in September of 2016 and our school personnel started immediately focusing on implementing that.”

Glenn said this policy change is really coming after the procedures have been implemented.

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