Hamilton County bus drivers speak out about contract

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Wednesday afternoon independent bus contractors voiced suggestions for their contract to Hamilton County school board members.

After hearing from them, some changes were made to their contract.

School board members say they want it to be good for everyone. But at the same time they say they are tasked with keeping track of drivers just in case something goes wrong.

“There has got to be some kind of instrument. There has got to be some kind of process so that if it does happen, we’ve got to have some accountability measures,” said school board member Joe Wingate.

Officials say some bus drivers who have been working for the district for years are grandfathered in, so they receive insurance. Newer bus drivers expressed frustration that they are being paid less and don’t have the same benefits as  the bus drivers who have been working for the school district longer.

“Now, we are going to get less and they are going to give us money in lieu of insurance. Well, now we are going to owe social security taxes on that too,” Janie Smith said.

Contracts still have to be finalized. Bus drivers will need to sign them by June 30th.

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