Hamilton County candidates urge residents to vote

Weston and Coty Wamp, Joe Graham host election event days before polls close

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Both candidates in the Wamp family were out in Lookout Valley Tuesday hosting a community event that boasted one simple message — vote Thursday.

Coty and Weston Wamp both expressed they were holding the event tonight in support of District 11 Hamilton County Commission candidate, Joe Graham, who was also in attendance.

As election season comes to a close in just a couple of days, the three candidates expressed their desire to see Hamilton County hit the polls.

Graham says he worked with former Tennessee Congressman Zach Wamp when he was just a boy.

Now, he’s excited at the possibility of working closely with his children.

“Coty’s very comparable — she’ll do an excellent job,” Graham said. “She’s a very smart lady and she’s got a fire in her belly to do the job. Weston’s a very smart young man — he’s got the fire in his belly as well to do a lot of good things. With a good group of commissioners, like myself, getting up there and working with him, we’ll make a lot of great things happen in the next four years.”

With Election Day now under 48 hours away, Graham says none of that will be possible unless county residents hit the polls — something he says should be a priority among local communities.

“The key to Thursday is people getting out and voting — it’s very important that they get out and vote,” Graham said. “The key to good government is people getting out and voting.”

Hamilton County District Attorney candidate Coty Wamp mirrored Graham’s urgency, stressing that the high amount of turnover in local seats should drive residents to the polls.

“This is important — all we’re asking is go,” Wamp said. “Whether you vote for me or my opponent, at least go vote. Go to the polls. Democracy matters and if we want to make sure we have leadership that reflects our community, everybody needs to get out and vote.”

Hamilton County mayoral candidate Weston Wamp says “Washington is out of touch” and that local votes are still the best way to impact local lives.

He spoke passionately about his children and says should he win, his commitment to education is still the top priority.

“Education, vocational education — these have been the real passion areas of our campaign and so we’re going to continue to talk about them all the way through the polls closing on Thursday,” Wamp said. “If voters will honor us with that opportunity, we certainly will take it seriously every day and fight for their kids alongside ours.”

Tennessee Senator Todd Gardenhire was also in attendance, and like the Wamps and Graham, said it’s important not to “take these elections for granted.”

He addressed voting numbers being down and encourages everyone in Hamilton County, who hasn’t already done so, to make a “special effort” to perform their civic duty.

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