Hamilton County Cold Case Unit Finds a Home

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF-TV)- Most police departments have dozens..sometimes hundreds of unsolved cases still on the books.
Because most agencies don’t have the time or the manpower to re-visit these crimes, they are often forgotten.
Last October the Hamilton county District Attorney General’s office set-up a Cold Case unit and now it has found a permanent home.

NEAL PINKSTON, DISTRICT ATTORNEY GENERAL "We have dedicated officers from the sheriff’s office, the city and from the D.A.’s office to work on cold cases. And they don’t get called out on other calls to work on other cases and its solely..nothing but cold cases."

And that’s what Neal Pinkston set out to do when he became district attorney general last September.
He found retired detective Mike Mathis to lead the Cold Case unit.

MIKE MATHIS, COLD CASE INVESTIGATOR "We started October 1st, and part of the process was to secure a dedicated site for us to work from, and this is the open house today of that facility."

The unit is off to a good start.

NEAL PINKSTON "We resolved a 43 old homicide case in April."

Janice Porter’s son Dallas was murdered in 2003. She’s hoping the case will soon be resolved.

JANICE PORTER, MOTHER OF MURDER VICTIM "The next day the detectives were there telling us they’d found him…he had multiple gunshot wounds..he was pulled from his vehicle and put in the dump…..and its just been a cold case ever since."

And, one of the most famous unsolved cases in Chattanooga is now getting another look. David Goetcheus’ two sons were murdered in 1997.

DAVID GOETCHEUS, FATHER OF TWO MURDER VICTIMS "Having the case closed and having the murderers held accountable in our lifetime…would be a hugh relief to us."

Mike Mathis says there’s plenty for the cold case unit to do.
There are about 130 unsolved cases on the books in Hamilton county.

The Cold Case office is in the Newell Building in the 100 block of East 7th.

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