Hamilton County Commission defends Attorney Rheubin Taylor

Resolutions passed to protect Taylor's position, Wamp says they lack authority

HAMILTON COUNTY (WDEF) — Hamilton County Commissioners stood up for one of their own during their latest meeting Wednesday morning.

Attorney Rheubin Taylor will be keeping his position with the county after being fired by Mayor Weston Wamp last Friday.

Taylor’s firing occurred despite still having two years of service left on his contract.

A private meeting was held behind closed doors with the input of outside attorney John Konvalinka.

After their discussion, their message was clear and unanimous — Taylor is staying.

“Today we did a number of things to reinstate the fact that we control the buildings, that he’s our attorney, we have a contract with him and that all the contracts we have should remain in place,” said Commission Chairman Chip Baker.

“Hostile” was the word used by one commissioner to describe the fear of suddenly being fired by the mayor while under contract.

However, in a later press conference, Wamp says Taylor’s firing is an isolated case and that he isn’t aiming to clear house.

He says his and his administration’s actions are supported by both state law and CTAS.

“I think what happened upstairs earlier today is they’re trying to bring on John Konvalinka to be told what they want to be told, which is very
different than the way we’ve gone about this,” Wamp said. “They’ve hired, effectively, a divorce attorney who’s a strong advocate to give them an opinion that they

Wamp also says the justification of the commission’s actions comes from “tradition” and the standards of the “good ol’ boys’ club.”

He says he has not spoken to Taylor since firing him and he is no longer on the county payroll.

“It’s not the commission’s job or authority to determine who the County Attorney is,” Wamp said. “That’s not my opinion. I read state law upstairs in the commission meeting.”

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