Hamilton County Commissioners want vaccination rates to increase

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- “I go as far as saying you’re an idiot if you don’t get vaccinated. I just cut to the chase,” said Commissioner Tim Boyd.

During Wednesday’s commissioner meeting, Boyd reached his frustration point with people not getting the vaccine.

“I’ve got a son that just resigned from Pfizer. When you understand the efficacy of the pharmaceuticals to get these vaccines out of the world and then you have people who say I don’t believe in it, I think it’s a hoax, they gave me all these lame excuses, and I’m saying I’m done with it,” said Boyd.

Becky Barnes with the Hamilton County Health Department said the health department gets calls saying COVID doesn’t even exist.

“Based on my personal experience, vaccines have kept me safe. Others that I know personally that have fallen ill, they’ve not been vaccinated or before the vaccine was available, some have succumbed to the illness and passed,” said Sharpe.

Commissioner David Sharpe said he is particularly worried for children because some of the adults around them are putting them at risk.

“Young children in our community who don’t have one of the options that adults have and two reliant on decisions that the adults make” said Sharpe.

Boyd said the medicine is available and he’s seen the consequences firsthand of those not getting the vaccine.

“I’ve got a daughter who just lost a friend last week. She chose not to get the vaccine now she’s dead. And she’s left a family without a mom and a sister and a daughter and it’s just horrible,” said Boyd.

Boyd said the commissioners are hoping they don’t have to potentially reinstate another mask mandate.

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