Hamilton County Deputy Jessica White Receives First Responder Hero of the Month Award

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has a program for sex offenders rejoining society after serving their time.

It’s not an easy job, but our First Responder of the month does it well, and she also finds time to mentor young girls.

Her name is Deputy Jessica White.

“I’m just here to let sex offenders know that..I mean..you’re here and I’m here to give them jobs, I’m here to give them housing, I’m here to get them whatever they need to get back into the community,” said Dept. Jessica White, with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Jessica White says she i able to do the job she loves because she cares about the people she works daily to help.

“Yes, it’s fulfilling to see them off the streets , not being homeless, to see them going to work,” said Dept. White.

But that’s just part of her daily life. She’s a very special kind of community mentor.

“I don’t like to get recognized , I don’t like recognition…I like going out..because I like mentoring little girls because that’s the way I got where I’m at today …by somebody mentoring me and pushing me and making sure that I was out there…not..cause I grew up in the city in Chattanooga…went to Howard High school..rough but I made it,” said Dept. White.

Jessica won the Ralph Cawthran Award for service to the community in 2017. Her co-workers know how Jessica…who’s a single mother of two…spends most of her off-duty time.

“Deputy White represents this department well..she’s everything when you get it right. I’m happy about this award for her ..it speaks a lot about her as an individual..outside the parameters of law enforcement..giving back to the community,” said Capt. Van Hinton, Supervisor at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

And the friend who nominated her for our First Responder award knows what she does daily.

“They can all her for anything and she’s there for like graduations, some of them may want to quit school because of their living circumstances ..and she’s encouraging them to be there..she helps them financially..she doesn’t have to do that but she does it. It show what kind of heart she has..she has a big heart,” said Shawntae Caldwell.

“Oh, it’s a feeling..it warms my heart…it makes my day,” said Deputy White.

Congratulations to Deputy Jessica White…Our first Responder of the month.

“At Wettermark Keith we are so proud of this month’s 1st responder winner. But we are also proud of the hundreds of other 1st responders who are out there working every day and every night to protect us and our families,” said James Wettermark.

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