Hamilton County EMS attends annual awards banquet

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tonight was a time of reflection and gratitude. Many awards were presented tonight each with their own story. “The medical treatment, the tears and anger, the combination of love and care given to these children by this unsung heroes will forever be remembered.”

Hamilton county EMS received the Pediatric Call of the Year at this annual awards banquet for the overall outstanding care it gave to the students of the Woodmore Bus Crash.

Many other first responders received awards, but this was also a time to re-unite and reflect on the impact these men and women had on the lives they saved.

Amy Maxwell said “We have several here that are reuniting tonight that have not seen each other the patient and the telecommunicator since the night of the event. To where he was in desperate need of help, so this is a really special occasion to reunite.”

“I didn’t have a whole lot of hope at the time because I hiked in a mile and a half I really didn’t believe I was going to be able to find me.” said Robert Bean.

But they did, that’s thanks to Ruth Fleminster who is the person that received the phone call and stayed with Robert Bean when he was at his lowest.

Mr. Bean was deer hunting, when he noticed he was having symptoms related to a heart attack.

Ms. Ruth stayed on the call and kept Mr. Bean calm until medics arrived on scene.

Robert Bean stated “If it wasn’t Ruthie… truly keeping me level headed I could be without giving up. That’s why I came out here tonight to say thank you to her, thank you to all the EMS, all the Hamilton County EMS at Memorial Hospital as well. Without them, I don’t believe I’d be here.”

“The would say would do it again in a heart beat and they some of them feel like they don’t have to recognized, but on behalf of all of us here in Southeastern EMS Director’s Association, we are here wanting to personally thank them for their outstanding service for going above and beyond the call of duty.” said Amy Maxwell.

Seven awards total were presented tonight at the banquet.

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