Hamilton County Mayor to host meeting about signal mountain creating school district

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF)– The top performing schools in the Hamilton County might create a district of their own in the near future.

This would take some of Hamilton County’s top performing schools out of the district. Residents, teachers, and community members have ten days to weigh in on the survey that the signal mountain officials have created to gather feedback on whether or not to split from Hamilton County’s education system.

Chris Howley, the mayor of Signal Mountain believes, “We will identify better ways to not only educate our kids on the mountain, but potentially have some better ideas for educating the kids in Hamilton County.”

The Signal Mountain School System Viability Committee is just 10 days from having the results of their survey about the quality of education in the area.

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger was called in by residents in an unrepresented area to make their voices heard.

Jim Coppinger says, “I stepped in at their request because they didn’t feel like they were being represented… so the people in the unincorporated areas don’t feel like they are left out of the process and that is our responsibility in county government. ”

Mayor Coppinger is hosting what he calls a fact finding community meeting with those residents. Mayor Howley says that the goal of the survey was to gather information and see if the community agrees with a separation from the county.

Mayor Howley says, “I met with Dr. Johnson and I think that he is a very dynamic person. and we agreed that once the report came out that he and I would sit down and discuss that report and how we can help each other.”

Mayor Coppinger says while he will remain neutral he says the people he serves will truly drive this decision.

“I am hopeful that the signal mountain schools will remain in the county school system, but again if the people have the right to choose then the people will make the decision and I am a big proponent of the people making the decision,” Jim Coppinger says.

The meeting will be held September 7 at 6:30 pm at the Signal Mountain Middle/High School.


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