Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger Gives State of the County Address

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – All eyes were turned toward Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger Wednesday afternoon as he gave his State of the County address.

Mayor Coppinger says, "We’ve been able to create about 9,800 jobs, new jobs, we’ve been able to see a capitol investment of $1.1 billion dollars in Hamilton County, and again we look forward to continued growth here in Hamilton County."

Growth is certain since Volkswagen decided to expand its operation in Chattanooga.

Now, another shining star Mayor Coppinger says is their business incubator for entrepreneurs.

Mayor Coppinger adds, "The success rate is over 90 percent. It employs about 400 people."

A good portion of those new businesses trickling out into the county are run by women or minorities.

Mayor Coppinger adds, "We’ll continue to have a healthy fund balance and this does help us with our AAA bond rating which affords us the opportunity to borrow money cheaply for the tax payers of this county."

In addition to that, Mayor Coppinger says he’s proud of changes that will be coming to four schools.

He adds, "Which included some expansions to some of the existing schools and a new school for Ganns Middle Valley."

Those projects will cost about $50 million.

Two other school projects did not make the cut.

Mayor Coppinger adds, "It’s important as we move forward to continue to develop a workforce for the 21st Century jobs that we’re experiencing here."

That’s why he says he’ll continue to support stem schools in the coming years.

Hixson Council hosted Wednesday’s event.

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