Hamilton County personnel demonstrates reality of SWAT calls

What you see in movies and in TV cop shows is designed to keep your attention.

But it may not be exactly what your local law enforcement officers go through.

Thanks to a show and tell for some of the local media…we’re going to get a closer look at a SWAT team.

At the police firing range, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department is prepared to show you the “what” and “why” of responding to SWAT calls.

The highly trained and hand-picked team demonstrated assessment, planning, control, rescue and resolving almost anything emergency that can arise.

Members of the media played an active role…including firing the weapons and even repelling from buildings.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said, “You know SWAT teams are are something that uh..that you see on television –you see all the things that go and there’s a lot of that that is out there, but the reality is what you’re going to be seeing here today on the equipment that we utilize –the technology we utilize”.

Sheriff Hammond explained each procedure.

“The good thing about the SWAT team is that, you know, they ‘re 99% successful when they go into a situation that de-escalates..and get people safe out of there. But..that’s our main focus.”

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department gets several SWAT calls a month. Most are resolved peacefully.

“There’s a lot of mis-information on those initial calls ..so the first thing SWAT has to do is get there and do an analysis..so they know what they’re dealing with.”

Some of these officers have been involved in shooting incidents during SWAT situations.

Spencer Daniels with the SWAT team said,”Your heart sinks for a minute, cause you’re out there with them, and you’re always worried about them, and you don’t want to be the guy that go and tells their family how he didn’t make it home cause we’re out dealing with this problem with this maniac shooting guns at the police.”

Hammond stated, “There’s that old saying in law enforcement..there’s about 90% boredom, and 10% terror ….and when that terror hits, you’ve got to be ready for it.”

*Photo from HCSO

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