Hamilton County residents express why it’s important to vote

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Voters in the Tennessee Valley say even during the primaries it is important to get out make your voice heard.

Despite the rain, some people were standing outside showing support for candidates.

“I voted early voting so I could be out today to encourage other people to come out and vote,” said Paula Ramsey, who was out campaigning for a friend.

Others say it is important to go out and vote.

“If you don’t vote you don’t have democracy. You’ve got to have democracy. The best democracy in the world is in the United States. Everybody here you’ve got to vote,” said David Shekari, who was out campaigning for his daughter.

They say if you don’t head to the polls, you can’t complain.

“You have no right to say anything. You can say all you want, but you’ve got to participate. You’ve got to get involved,” Shekari said.

Voters say during the campaign season they wanted candidates to just focus on the issues.

“I think it really needs to stick to the point of what are you going to do. What do you stand for? That is what we are voting for,” Gail Strickland said.

Strickland said there were some races, like the state representative one with Jonathan Mason against Esther Helton, where candidates attacked each other.

“She is better known than he is, but no. I didn’t like the dirt throwing at all. I don’t think that. I think you need to say what you stand for,” Strickland said.

Voters hope this doesn’t happen in future elections.

“I think so much of it is taken out of context and it gets you confused and you really don’t know who is telling the truth and who is not,” Strickland said.

While people may disagree, voters say there us one thing that’s for sure and that’s the importance of voting.

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