Hamilton County School Board approves new positions for Opportunity Zone schools

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) –  Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson and the school board has made moves on efforts to improve student achievement at some struggling schools.

“There’s nothing that I’ve seen from the state that, gives me assurance that anything the state could do would be nearly as good as the plan that Dr. Johnson is trying to implement,” Hamilton County School Board Chairman Dr. Steve Highlander said.

Thursday night the school board unanimously approved the following new positions:

2 Community Schools Coaches

1 Elementary Director

1 Secondary Director

2 Curriculum Coordinators

2 Curriculum Coaches

1 Human Capital Coordinator

The new positions are to help the following 12 schools in what has been established as an Opportunity Zone:

Brainerd High

Dalewood Middle

Hardy Elementary

Woodmore Elementary

Barger Elementary

Howard High

East Lake Middle

Orchard Knob Elementary

Donaldson Elementary

Clifton Hills Elementary

East Lake Elementary

Orchard Knob Middle

The 12 schools include five schools that could be taken over by the state and seven who are on the cusp of being looked at by the state.

“This is a real true effort to turn around these schools and you know, I think, it’s possibly one of the most concentrated efforts that, Hamilton County has made in a number of years that these schools have, been in the status of failing,” School Board Member for District 4 Tiffanie Robinson said.

School Board Member for District 1 Rhonda Thurman fully supports Dr. Johnson’s plan, and moving forward said that the eye needs to continue remaining on all schools in the county.

“He’s going to try to keep his eye on the ball on both, but that’s the most urgent need at this time, but I don’t want him to forget about the people in my district, because there’s a lot of needs there as well and he, seems to be doing that,” Thurman said.

Dr. Highlander said he hopes the state education commissioner sees the plan as a positive one for the students.

“If there is a good plan in place and achievement is possible, then the state commissioner has the, opportunity to allow the local system to go on if, he or she thinks that is a positive.”

Highlander said the school board is really behind Dr. Johnson’s plan.


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