Hamilton County School Board does not move forward with a proposed reopening action plan

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – It was a passionate, lengthy conversation at the Hamilton County School Board meeting Thursday night.

“If you guys are going to get up here and call us, call me a name, call me a coward. Please, tell your superintendent to propose what he wants and just let it be. Why are we even having this conversation,” school board member Tiffanie Robinson said.

What was up for discussion was a plan to reopen schools.

There were three action plans and a fourth one pitched last minute by school board member Tucker McClendon.

But the board eventually voted to postpone it indefinitely and ended up passing unanimously a resolution instead of an action plan.

“I think board members had different opinions on actually what’s in our purview and what’s not. I was one that says you know I think this is in our purview and we should act on it and some people didn’t, and I think this resolution was a great middle ground on it,” McClendon said.

The resolution states that the board believes in-person instruction is important for all students, feels schools can and must open for in-person learning and says that the administration is authorized and directed to come up with a revised plan.

“I think it’s a moment of clarity to say, we’ve expressed what we would like to see happen. We want you to get us there. We’re going to get in the car with you, but we’re not going to try to take the wheel because that’s your job,” school board member Joe Wingate said.

Dr. Johnson explained that they’ll know more on where the school system is headed on Tuesday after getting data from county officials.

Remote learning will continue next week.

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