Hamilton County School Board member arrested on outstanding warrant

Charged with indecent exposure from doctor's office visit 5 years ago

A Hamilton County School Board member has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure over an incident that happened at a doctor’s office five years ago.

District 9 Board Member Gary Kuehn issued a statement today through the school district’s office.

In the statement, Kuehn said he was at the doctor’s office for a shot, and to receive the injection, was partially disrobed.

He said that, in order to compensate for the embarrassment he felt, he made light of the situation with a comment the nurse giving him the shot found to be offensive.

After making the comment, he said he tried to apologize for offending the nurse, but she walked out of the office.

He said he was sorry for his actions, and added that he did not know he had an outstanding warrant of more than 5 years, but once he found out, he complied with police directives.

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