Hamilton County School Board Members weigh new custodial services contract

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – School board members got a presentation from SSC Services Monday night.

Out of 6 vendors for a new custodial and grounds services contract, SSC Services is recommended by school staff.

“To me, the staffing and their approach to staffing, their approached to benefits and their approach to training set them apart from many of the other competitors,” HCS Chief Operations Officer Justin Robertson said.

This comes as the district’s contract with ABM ends this year.

In October, ABM gave the board an action plan after some were unsatisfied with their cleaning.

“Now, we’re talking about spending more dollars, but we’re going to have the same employees and we’ve got a company that I think at least, again, where I sit, in my district, once they admitted we messed up we’re going to fix it, I think they have, but now we’re going to pay more money. So sell me here, because you ain’t sold me yet,” Hamilton County School Board Member Joe Smith said.

The new proposed contract with SSC is more expensive.

“I felt like we were going through this process for quality reasons not because we were bidding for price necessarily. I mean price is always important to us, but ultimately what we know is that the standard of cleaning that was going on in our schools for really probably the last 10 years, we’ve out grown it,” Hamilton County School Board Member Tiffanie Robinson said.

School staff is also proposing new contracts independent contractors and employee bus drivers with some changes.

School board members could vote on the proposals on Thursday.

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