Hamilton County Schools plans for possibility of coronavirus

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Hamilton County Schools want to make sure they have plans in place if the coronavirus comes to our area.

Hamilton County Schools is staying on top of the coronavirus. For weeks, they have been working with the health department.

“They are able to keep us up on the latest information and they are learning new things each day. We have a strong partnership with the health department and they assist us as we are working with any of these types of viruses or health issues that might be coming along,” said Tim Hensley, with Hamilton County Schools.

According to officials, schools in Hamilton County have not been closed this year due to sickness.

They say cleaning staff are always hard at work.

“We continue those processes through this period, making sure things are cleaned on a regular basis, surfaces like desks or counters and doorknobs and places where students touch on a regular basis, those will continue,” Hensley said.

If school had to be closed for an extended period of time, they have a way for students to complete assignments.

“One of the positives for this year is we put in place a website with information on their with resources for parents and students to work with in case we are out for in climate weather and we’ve used that a couple of times this year. So we are ahead of the game of maybe some other districts in preparing for things for students to do if we were to need to close for any reason for a number of days or weeks,” Hensley said.

While they have plans, they are hopeful the coronavirus won’t be a problem.

“Fortunately we have not has that issue and we hope that that continues,” Hensley said.

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