Hamilton County Teachers Health Coverage Costs Increase

        Hamilton County Teachers are now faced with higher health care costs.
        The Board of Education unanimously voted for the change.
     "I do have a heart for these teachers, you have to make some very difficult decisions and a lot of decisions I’ve made over the past four years have affected myself and my wife, over rising health care costs but you have to do what’s right for the system and the taxpayers," said Board Member Mike Evatt.
        The new plan calls for an extra hundred dollars a month for the spouse of an employee to be on their insurance plan, and that’s only if the spouse can prove they can’t get insurance from their employer.
        "I have two kids in College so we’re gonna have to do some fancy stepping to get an extra hundred dollars towards healthcare," said Red Bank Middle School teacher Nina Deaton.
     The change is expected to effect about 17-hundred teachers.
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