Hamilton County Voters Challenge the Pollsters

If the polls are correct, the Trump and Clinton political machines will capture most of the electoral votes in today’s Super Tuesday voting.
But that didn’t slow the stream of voters here in the tri-state area—many of them determined to prove the polls wrong.
News 12 Now camped out at some of the precincts to see how people were using their votes.
For weeks you’ve watched voters casting ballots in races like Iowa, where the number of delegates was insignificant.
Although a strong showing kept some candidates in the race.
But Super Tuesday is a chance to win big, or lose big.
The results will go a long way in determining whether Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz or Rubio will eventually prevail.

Maybe no one asked you how you felt when you voted, but we found many who want others to know.

PHILLIP SHOCKLEY, TRUMP SUPPORTER “Well, I think he’s the only one who’s made sense of what he’s campaigned for, and he sounds better than what we’ve had for several years.”

DORA KENDALL, RUBIO SUPPORTER “Marco Rubio! Why Marco this time? Because I like him, I like that he’s a Godly man. I like what he says –he makes sense and he’s from the same part of Florida I am.”

LEE HOGAN, BERNIE SANDERS “The parties and our political system have moved so far to the right these days …that Bernie almost seems like a radical leftist, but he isn’t really.”

CLARA ROBISON, TRUMP “He’s rich, he doesn’t need money, he’s not in it for the money and I really believe he’ll help this country and I don’t have any faith that anybody else will.”

DON YOUNG, TRUMP “I want to see things get straightened out financially…and this stuff about the firearms, and you know, I just Tired, and immigration. Who can you support? Trump!.”

JACQUE VENDERMAN, RUBIO “I want to vote for Rubio. I really like the man, I’ve liked him from the start, he and Ben Carson. Trump scares the devil out of me…and I hate to have my devil scared out. But really, he does!.”

Voters–speaking with a lot of passion–and who are now waiting to see who agrees with them.

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