Hamilton County’s Property Fraud Alert System

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Hamilton County is rolling out a new technological advanced system to help protect your real estate from theft.

The new technology is called the Property Fraud Alert system is an opt-in, opt-out program where property or business owners can enter information into the system helping keep track of any records filed under your name or address. 

Once something is filed under your name or address you will  be notified by email than owners can call the office to find out what has been recorded. 

Marc Gravitt with Hamilton County says there is a growing need for this type of alert system. 

“With some documents the property owner does not necessarily know the document that has a lean, such as a material lien or tax liens. They may not know that a lien has been filed on their real estate until they go to sell it and close it then they find out someone has this lean filed fraudulently,” says Marc Gravitt, Hamilton County Register of Deeds. 

For information on how to register click here


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