Hamilton Heights Guard Jazmine Massengill Blossoms Into One of Top Guards in America

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Hamilton Heights guard Jazmine Massengill has blossomed into one of the best point guards in America.
She doesn’t put up big scoring numbers for the talented Hawks team, but her size and ball skills are what every basketball team covets.
Ask Jazmine Massengill to describe her game, and you get quite a surprising response.
Said Massengill:”I always say I’m very goofy on the court. I’m always smiling. I’m always laughing. I just like to enjoy the game.”
She may be goofy, but the Hawks go as Massengill goes.
Said head coach Keisha Hunt:”I learned when she was young, she was the throttle of our practice. If she came in goofing off, I had to spend the whole time yelling because the whole team goofed off. If she came in ready to practice playing hard, I didn’t have to say anything, everybody was doing it.”
wonder Massengill is a leader, she’s always cheering her teammates.
Said Hunt:”She’s a very loyal person. Also learned a long time ago that if I needed her to play extra hard, I might tell her, did you hear what somebody said about your teammate. (laughs) That would fire her up.”
Massengill’s game can fire up the Hawks as well.
Said Hunt:”One thing that helped her was she used to be the shortest, skinniest girls on the team, so she developed her guard skills. Then she just kept growing and growing and growing. Now she’s a six-foot guard that can handle the ball like she’s a 5-6 guard.It helps her so much because she can see over the defense.”
Massengill signed with the Lady Vols in November and this month, she was named
a McDonald’s All-American.
Said Massengill:”It’s definitely an honor. Still shocked today. I knew I was good, but I didn’t know I was a McDonald’s All-American good.”
Said Hunt:”She has wanted to go to Tennessee since she was a little girl. Candace Parker is her favorite player. That’s why she wears number three. So it’s a dream come true.”

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