Hamilton Place sees long line at Build-A-Bear

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – A line wrapped around Hamilton Place Mall Thursday afternoon as families waited hours for the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience.

“It’s exciting,” 6-year-old Jaxon Primus said.

The surge of people came on “pay your age” day.

It was a promotion where customers pay for the bears based on age.

“I only had to pay for $9 because I’m 9,” 9-year-old Aubrianna Whittemore said

The event packed Build-A-Bears across the country.

At Hamilton Place some families waited for around 7 hours in line.

“This is so fun,” parent Krystie Primus said.

“We’ve been here, and we just finally finished up, like, I’m ready to be gone,” parent Rashawd Morrell said.

There were so many people that the workshop had to cut off the line out of concern of a bear shortage.

They offered $15 off vouchers to people who weren’t able to make the line.

“I thought there was going to be one or two or three, but I don’t know how many are here. I never counted, like, maybe there’s a hundred people,” 4-year-old Gabbi Armstrong said.

While the line was long, many kids were just happy to leave with a bear.

“We did it. We made it,” 7-year-old Gabby Whittemore said.

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