Handgun Carry Permits Double in 2013

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – As the number of tragic shooting incidents increases, the cries from some citizens become louder for gun control.
And, at the same time, thousands of Americans are taking steps to protect themselves from those same kinds of incidents.
But there are many reasons why people are picking up carry permits at a record rate.

JOHN MARTIN, SHOOTER’S DEPOT "It was under duress buying. People paid exorbitant prices to get what they thought was no longer going to be available, they were buying up ammunition as hoarders would food, and it was blood in the water as I would call it."

That followed the Newtown shooting in Connecticut in 2012…and subsequent statements by the president about restrictions on some assault type weapons.

JOHN MARTIN "It didn’t matter what the president said, what the general population heard was ….I’m going to take your guns and I’m going to take your ammunition….sales just sky-rocketed."

Hence, more demand for carry permits.

HUBERT FARROW, CHATTANOOGA " I believe like the Texans believe, that everybody should have a weapon and if they own one they can help protect their-self and their neighbor."

Its one thing to own a weapon, its another to be trained to use it.

RONNIE DODD "That’s what I tell people in my handgun safety class. Is, you bought a piano, you’ve taken a lesson, that does not make you Liberace.’

Former Red Bank police chief Ronnie Dodd teaches that courses.

RONNIE DODD " I think people are exponentially worried about the crime rate going up…and then when they see events like in Las Vegas yesterday, things of that nature…the Colorado shooting in the theater ..Its just everything about the crime rate is going up."

In Tennessee the Department of Safety issued 192-thousand-600 handgun carry permits last year.
Fifty-nine thousand of them went to women.

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