Hard to Get Answers on Georgia Quarterback Battle

Should be quite a battle for the Georgia starting quarterback job.
They have five guys fighting to be the man, including two highly regarded transfers in Jamie Newman of Wake Forest and
J-T Daniels of Southern Cal. But with no spring practice, and fall practice closed to the media due to the pandemic, it’s hard to tell how the competition is going. So cue the zoom questions.

Reporter:”This early into it can y’all tell what’s going on with the quarterbacks or quarterback room and who has got leads and so forth and how it’s affecting the guys?”
Said offensive lineman Brandon Sudge:”You know I’m not sure. Like I said before, I just want to keep them off their backs. I want to protect them and play for them the best way I possibly can.”
Reporter:”Just wanted to ask. Obviously there’s a big quarterback room in there, but when it comes to J-T Daniels. What are your first impressions of him just as a teammate and a person seeing as how he hasn’t been able to work with y’all yet?”
Said offensive lineman Jamaree Salyer:”J-T strikes me as a guy that’s really confident. I feel like he knows what he can do. Confident in his arm and what he can do and how control the offense. He strikes me as a really confident guy.”
Reporter:”Can you talk about what you have seen from Jamie Newman so far?”
Said receiver Kearis Jackson:”Jamie has a strong arm. All of our quarterbacks have a strong arm. They have been competing well. Everybody has come out each and every day. Each quarterback has come out and wanted to compete and each one is fighting for the starting job right now.”
Reporter:”What are you assessments of Newman and Daniels specifically and what makes them each unique?”
Said Sudge:”Like I said before, all of our quarterbacks are really good. They’re all leaders. They all have really great skill sets. Personally I haven’t had time to evaluate either one of them like you mentioned. I’m just trying like I said before to keep them off their back and play my game the best I can.”
Said head coach Kirby Smart:”And those guys, each one of them has been in a competitive room before. Look, Jamie competed at Wake Forest. J-T had to compete where he was. Competition is part of the process. But for a quarterback more than anything, you want to be coached the right way, and you want to be developed.”

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