Harrison Bay Future Ready Center

HARRISON BAY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students at the Harrison Bay Future Ready Center are getting hands on experience to learn some skills they can use in life.

Some have started a student run business for fishing lures.

Other kids are building special pallet houses for non profit groups.

Riley Martin is a Junior at Harrison Bay Future Ready Center.

“Here we get to go to class and participate in clubs like robotics. Where we get to focus on our skills that we want to further and get better at.”

This Future Ready Center is a small, school community.

But the students are already thinking about the future.

Bryan Robinson is one of the instructors.

“Get them ready for the real world.”

Lynda Pickett is another instructor at Harrison Bay Future Ready Center.

“We want to teach them skills that employers come to us and say, hey, we can’t find kids that will put their cell phones down. We can’t find kids that can self start. And those are things that we can work on so that they can go out and become good employees.”

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